Including cattle, sheep and pigs.  Our professional team offers a complete service locally and nationally using our tray truck, truck and trailer, semi and bdouble combinations and secure temporary holding paddocks.  
AGRICULTURAL AND FODDER CARTAGE  Including hay, straw and silage in round & square bales delivered by semi & bdouble trailers.  
- Sources & transports your quality fodder needs -
All prices quoted + GST = freight - FEED TESTS AVAILABLE
  1. PETER MORRIS TRANSPORT PTY LTD ABN 96 623 509 026 ("the Carrier”) is not a common carrier and does not accept liability as such.  These terms and conditions of cartage apply to every supply of cartage or storage services provided by the Carrier to the person (“the Customer” including the Customer’s employees, contractors and agents) who orders the services from the Carrier.
  2. The contract between the Carrier and the Customer to which these terms and conditions apply commences when the cartage or storage services are ordered by the Customer.
  3. The freight charge or price of cartage or storage services supplied by the Carrier shall be agreed between the Carrier and the Customer. The Customer is deemed to be the sender or consignor and all freight charges are payable by the Customer including storage and insurance charges.  
  4. The Customer warrants that they are the owner or the authorised agent of the owner of any goods for carriage to which these conditions apply. The Customer further warrants the person delivering any goods to the Carrier for carriage is authorised to sign a consignment note for the Customer and to bind the Customer to these conditions. 
  5. The Carrier reserves the right to refuse to carry any goods or livestock at any time. This includes the right to off load goods or livestock during transit. The Carrier may refuse to carry any dangerous goods which have not been safely packaged and correctly labelled. All livestock must be presented in a fit condition to be carried and the Carrier (or a member of its staff) may refuse to load any livestock which in their opinion are in poor health, suffering from lameness, injury or deformity or is in a condition which may not be accepted by the receiver. In the case of the livestock intended to be delivered to a meat processing facility, the Carrier may also refuse to load livestock which in the opinion of the Carrier or its staff, may be rejected by any international or regional inspectorate having the relevant jurisdiction. In every case, the Carrier’s decision not to load livestock shall be binding on the Customer.
  6. The Customer is responsible for giving accurate information to the Carrier (including the estimation of weight or length) which will enable the safe and legal carriage of the goods or livestock. If no weight or measurement is declared by the Customer then the weight or measurement may be estimated by the Carrier. The Carrier may re-weigh or re-measure the goods at any time and the Carrier may charge additional freight charges, based on the re-weigh or re-measurement.
  7. The Carrier is not liable for any tally discrepancies or shortages on receipt or delivery, unless there is clear evidence of an escape caused by the Carrier’s negligence.
  8. If the receiver or someone acting on behalf of the receiver is not in attendance at the estimated time of delivery then the goods may be unloaded at the address given to the Carrier. In that case, the Carrier is not liable for any losses or damage which may have been sustained before, during or after delivery and in particular, no claim can be made on the Carrier for any tally discrepancies or shortages.
  9. The Carrier shall not be liable for any consequential losses or damage nor shall the Carrier be liable to the sender for any losses caused by deterioration (including any deterioration in the health of any livestock) or the condition of the livestock or goods when they were uplifted. Nor shall the Carrier be liable for losses or damages caused by the negligence or omission by the Customer including any delay in making the goods or livestock available for loading or delays caused by the loss of a market or weather conditions.
  10. Unless otherwise stated in writing by the Carrier, all freight charges shall be paid by the 15th of the month following the date of the invoice. Invoices sent to the Customer will include GST and may include taxes, surcharges and other charges payable by the Customer. The full amount of each invoice shall be paid without deduction and overdue accounts may incur interest. Credit cards and payment methods other than EFT may attract 1.5% additional charges of the amount payable.  All costs of collection of overdue accounts including solicitor/client fees may be charged to the Customer’s account and thereafter shall become payable in full.
  11. Insurance cover for the Customer’s goods or livestock will not be arranged by the Carrier unless express instructions from the sender are issued to the Carrier prior to loading. Those instructions must include a declaration as to value.
  12. The Carrier may terminate the contract for cartage where the carriage is interrupted or cannot be completed due to extreme weather conditions or any event outside the reasonable control of the Carrier. In the case of termination under this clause, the Carrier shall not be liable for any losses or damage suffered by, or affecting the goods or livestock.
  13. The Customer authorises the Carrier to collect, retain and use any personal information about the Customer for the purpose of assessing the Customer’s credit worthiness and administering the Customer’s orders. The Carrier may withdraw or vary credit terms at any time without consent.
  14. The Carrier may at any time and in its sole discretion, vary these terms with immediate effect. Advice that the terms have been varied shall be posted on the Carrier’s website.

Morris Transport follows the highest industry standards within Australia and have undertaken induction training with saleyards, abattoirs and ports they operate with.    For more information about livestock transportation and care standards - please click the links.

Biosecurity, EAD's & Preparing Livestock for Transport Guide - LBRCA (Livestock, Bulk & Rural Carriers Association)
Is it fit to load? - MLA (Meat & Livestock Aust.)
Land Transport of Livestock - Dept of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Australian Government
Guide for Safe Design of Livestock Loading Ramps & Forcing Yards - ALRTA (Australian Livestock & Rural Transporters Assoc.)
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